Elements and Poetry

My work is about the detail, the many stories found in the image and in the paint itself. Reaching that point of artistic integrity where I can declare the work as done involves many small decisions and lots of problem solving. To contemplate the entire process of painting a big work would be very daunting indeed, so I have learned to think instead in terms of elements. Certain aspects of a painting will have similarity, a repetitive nature to them, such as the deep background behind all the rest of the elements of the work. Each section of that background is similar thus part of the same elemental group, yet each is unique too in content and small details, however through consistency of colour, brushstroke, or style, they become visually linked to create a cohesive movement. In this way I break the process of resolving an image into manageable steps, yet in doing so I still have to think about the entire work for as in a Calder mobile, change in one element will ripple through out the whole.

To me painting or drawing is about using a very specific kind of language, one of visual words to share my experience with others. Painting is like writing poetry, a search for the perfect movement of sound and syntax, colour, tone and line, to give a shimmering new life to the everydayness of the common word.