Space Time Theory

Fewer options exist in the immediate than in the distant future. A blank white sheet of paper holds infinite options for the artist. As a work develops, lines and movements are found on the page and it becomes more defined. There are greater options in the beginning than as the work progresses. Choices now, medium, composition, etc all influence the outcome and each choice immediately begins to narrow the distant future . When I start a new work I always have a concept in mind. As the work progresses through the stages of sketch, to larger surface, to rough outline, broad strokes of movement, fine details, the concept grows and shifts as my relationship to the work shifts. Many times I don't know the whole story when the work begins for there are so many options to work through but as the finished piece emerges into the now, it becomes something solid and concrete, much greater than the initial impulse. And once it is hung on the wall, it becomes much greater again as the options once more become greater in the future of the minds yet to contemplate.